How does the Inter-Professional Engagement (IPE) Module work?

The IPE module is one of the building blocks for students at Peninsula Dental School introducing students to core academic skills in exploring, searching and selecting evidence-based information as well as developing societal and community awareness so students understand their future role in the healthcare system and wider society. Working in Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) and Dental Therapy and Hygiene (DTH) groups, students are introduced to the concept of community engagement and social accountability during this module.Building their skills and knowledge year on year, students are given the opportunity to meet with local organisations in their 1st year, enabling them to gain an understanding of how a particular community group is supported locally during IPE1.

Delivering Projects

They then utilise the knowledge and experience gained from IPE1 to devise and deliver a health improvement project for a specific target group within the community as part of IPE2. It would be impossible to deliver this module without the amazing, collaborative support of our host organisations, academic team and of course the enthusiasm of our students. A huge thank you to all involved who have made this module such a success.

Want to know more?

Download our IPE Module Yearbook 2023-2024