Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise (PDSE) is pleased to announce Adlee Singam has joined the organisation as our very first Foundation Dentist.

Adlee is a Peninsula Graduate and has chosen PDSE as the first step in her dental career. PDSE is committed to keeping young, talented dentists in the South-West region where recruitment has been a genuine issue for some time.

Adlee’s enthusiasm for dentistry began when she joined the profession as a practice manager and over the years she has developed a desire to make the transition to clinical practice and pursue a career in dental surgery. She has lived in three different countries and moved to Devon from Surrey before undertaking her dental undergraduate degree at the University of Plymouth. Moving forward Adlee is looking forward to enhancing her clinical skills and continuing to deliver dental care with real compassion.

The aim of PDSE has always been to improve the oral health of the community in Devon and Cornwall, providing dental care to people without a dentist and promoting oral health in local communities. In addition to delivering dental services, PDSE has played a vital role in the training of the next generation of dental professionals in partnership with the University
of Plymouth, offering genuine, real-world experience that’s become so important to the development of the profession regionally.

Commenting on recent events, PDSE Chief Executive, Professor Robert Witton, said: “I am delighted Adlee has chosen to stay in the South West and complete her Dental Foundation programme in PDSE.” We hope Adlee is the first of many Foundation Dentists to work at PDSE, as this is a key part of our strategy to be able to offer the full spectrum of dental training from dental nursing to dental specialisation.