Our Sustainability Statement

At PDSE we recognise that the Dental industry generates a substantial amount of carbon emissions largely through decontamination, waste disposal and the use of single-use plastics. 

Whilst PDSE are committed to improving oral health in the Southwest through provision of treatment, education and engagement, we understand the importance of reducing our environmental impact on the planet and pledge to become more sustainable by driving business, social and environmental success. 

Our goals are;

  • To achieve ‘Net Zero’ of direct carbon emissions (Scopes 1 & 2) by 2040 with a target 40% reduction of direct emissions by 2027
  • To achieve ‘Net Zero’ of indirect carbon emissions (Scope 3) by 2045 with a target 18% reduction of indirect emissions by 2027


Where Our Carbon Emissions Come From


Our Next Steps

  • Review Waste, Utility and supplier contracts to switch to 100% renewable and more sustainable options
  • Secure additional funding to support low carbon initiatives
  • Commission designs for low carbon heating/heat pump systems
  • Installation of solar panels at Devonport site and explore feasibility for Exeter and Derriford
  • Install Electric vehicle charging point in Devonport and Exeter
  • Implement electric fleet vehicle for Estates & Facilities and Dental Outreach teams
  • Launch Electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme


What We've Achieved So Far

Achieving a Silver award at the Green Impact Dentistry Awards
  • This means that we have completed multiple actions that address sustainability issues around education, engagement and behaviour change, health and wellbeing, biodiversity, water and energy usage, waste and recycling, strategy and policy, amalgam and restorations, travel, charity and citizenship. Read more on this achievement here.
Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Changing to efficient LED lighting across the estate, so far in house team have replaced 420 units saving 9080 watts and 75% more efficient.
Reduction in Plastic and Waste
  • Changed cups used in clinics and waiting areas to fully recyclable with recycling points
  • Reduced cable ties on transportation boxes saving of 1546 ties and 10.5kg CO2e
  • Switched from using labels to ink stamp saving 65,592 labels every 12 weeks
Reduction in Energy and Utilities
  • New processes in decontamination reducing water and energy saving 1.8tCO2e anually
  • Changes to plant and equipment running time, temperature and power collectively offering saving of 18.9tCO2e


Carbon Offsetting
  • Carbon offsetting plan for business mileage through certified programme, 2023 85tCO2e