Patient feedback comments submitted during May 2024:


My dentist J was great and has been amazing giving me new dentures.

After a traumatic experience with tooth extraction when I was child, I have a fear of dentists. My experience with the dental school has been amazing. I had a filling, root canal, crown and wisdom tooth extraction. I have had no pain and had such caring students. No fear of dentists anymore.

I’ve seen a marked improvement in my dental health as well as had the issues I had resolved, looking forward to finishing my treatment next academic year.

RD has been amazing and improved my confidence in attending the dentist.

OA was brilliant with my treatment. Very professional approach and made every aspect as easy and comfortable as possible. He will be a great dentist.

MS and SD were fabulous, very attentive and took good care of me throughout my treatment

The courtesy & gentle manner received from RG and IB – top notch.

I came in with a few issues but CC and KP have looked after me over the last few months with teaching me how to look after my teeth correctly.

JM and OM have been amazing with me. Made my life with the work they have done. Forever grateful. Wish them every luck for the future. Thank you.

Was treated wonderfully by J and A.

M has been amazing to me over the past 7 months. Made me feel at ease even when I was very nervous.

Love my teeth now. MF is very professional and taught me a lot about teeth hygiene and sorted all my teeth problems. She put a smile back on my face.

Very helpful receptionists and the dentist was very good at explaining the various options.

TT was amazing.

US was great.

The service I received from M and team was absolutely exceptional.

MS, SD & N have cared for me here. I have no doubt they will have a fantastic future.

A big thank you to the entire team here at Peninsula Dental School, I have been taken good care of, one very grateful patient. Wishing you all the best, always in all ways!

SB & FR have been fantastic doing my dentist work. I’m thrilled I had them both working on me.

Compliments to SB and IG for their professionalism, putting me at ease and shared humour. Wish them enjoyable, worthwhile careers.

I’m particularly pleased with FR and SB. They were great. Professional, thorough in their work and friendly. Very caring and it was always nice to see them.

MS and SD were amazing.

Today’s a sad day, because today is the last day with RB and IB. I have been blessed to have been their patient. Their treatment as dental students and as individuals towards me has been impeccable. I hope they receive full positive acknowledgment for their broad treat of me.

I would like to US who was the most professional and knowledgeable student in Peninsula. Thank you very much.

MF has been absolutely brilliant; she is an excellent dentist and I wish her all the best success for the future. Her assistant HT is brilliant too.

TT, MH, NS and PL have all been fantastic students. Caring, gentle and knowledgeable. They will all make great dentists and I wish them all the very best.

A special mention should go out to JM and OM who are not only lovely people but future excellent dentists.



Made to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout all my appointments. Both students were amazing and will make brilliant dentists I’m sure. Everything was explained every visit.

Patient, friendly and caring.

Very friendly and professional.

Students were very efficient.

Friendly and very supportive.

Very welcoming and made to feel at ease.

Reassuring, considerate, speedy, lovely lady.

EO was very thorough and did a great job every visit.

Excellent care and dental advice.

The service is just excellent.

EO was amazing, and her helper.

Really fab service and treatment.

JT and SD have been excellent on every visit and the assistance of EBM also has been great



AK has been incredible, I’ve had the best dental care since I was a child.

ZH does great work, couldn’t be more pleased.

Great repair to my tooth.

Excellent treatment from NS and EW.

Great overall, brilliant communication and treatment.

Such a positive experience with JN and LD. Kind, caring, super skilled.

Had a great extraction, didn’t feel a thing! Also the staff assigned to me (ZAN and ZD) are very accommodating and chill but in a professional way. Best dental service I have very experienced! Very good people, I can’t stress it enough how great these two are! Receptionists are friendly and nice too!

Always quick and efficient they explain everything in full and have full supervision.

Excellent service and always smiling.

I love my dentists, great people!

Thanks for all your help and advice and I wish all staff the very best.


YN is a top guy.

MS and RW really calmed me down.

AS and CM have excellent care.

Amazing care… wish DN and ND could stay to continue my care!

AW is amazing, as is GSG – keep me very chill.

My dentists are so great. I used to be phobic but they relax me loads and I really like attending appointments now.

EF and PS have been wonderful and very patient with me.

NN and her team are amazing.

CM was again very calm and reassuring all the way through.

Professional and personal treatment from both AS and EG. Good skills and patient engagement.

Ever since my first visit, AT and SS have been excellent and carried out my treatment with the utmost care.

NN and ST were very thoughtful and professional.

Great service again from JO and J.

NN is so patient and caring.

I was very relaxed with MW and LH.

JH and EF worked well together, both gentle and caring.

HR was thorough with the work he did.

I was very nervous however CM managed to calm me down and was very reassuring all the way through.

Thank you so much, I am so pleased with all of my treatment and my dental hygiene has improved hugely. I would never have been able to afford all of this treatment and have been on the NHS waiting list for years.

AW and GSG are fab, always have a laugh and it puts me at ease!

As always AQ and GB made my visit good.

AW done a brilliant job – good laugh and explained everything well.

AW always explains everything to me – as an elderly person that’s so important.

Brilliant service from JM with support from EB. Supervisor JS also fabulous.

AS and CM work well together and very good at patient care.

Amazing service – ST is always welcoming.

My trainee dentist was so kind patient and confident in her delivery, lovely to see how passionate she is on her study.

EF and CK are amazing. Professional and lovely company. I’m delighted with my treatment, they’re going to be fantastic dentists. Thank you.

AW again has been very helpful and done an amazing job.

All went well again. I can’t thank JO and HR enough.

Love NF. Such a lovely person.

JO is very good at explaining procedures before all work done.

JH is absolutely amazing. Great communication skills, caring/understanding and professional. Best dentist I’ve had in 63 years.

LH and MK – what can I say? Absolutely wonderful – patient and helpful.

First filling I’ve had where I had no pain. Fully reassured and TN explained everything – super happy.

From initial welcome on walking in and being met by AT and SS, treatment was painless despite having three teeth extracted. Thank you very much.

AW is brill, so is GSG.

NN is so patient and caring.

AW is very good at explaining everything and helpful.

Brilliant service from SAK.

JO was great. Very helpful. Very good boy.

KJC and AK were very reassuring and helpful towards me!

AW is great.

SS has done an amazing job again, thanks so much.

This will change my life. I have had 6 months with no teeth. I can’t thank the dental school enough.

My dentists are excellent, EF and CK are the best.

YN is great guy.

MS and RW are wonderful.

Wishing DN and ND the absolute best! Wish you could both stay – you’ve made me feel so welcome and calmed me down whenever I had anxiety.

JH is the best dentist I’ve had in my 64 years, she’s absolutely amazing. Very caring, understanding, wonderful communication skills and professional – gold star all around.

Very happy and grateful for the excellent treatment I have received. This is a brilliant service. NN is superb!

The students JJ and RA were absolutely brilliant, very professional but caring as well. Thank you for my great dental treatment.

SS is fantastic.

Thank you J for your brilliant work, good luck.

Excellent work from SS.

AS and team were great and I thank them a lot.

Thanks ST.

SS was great, as always, thank you.

I am so grateful for the exemplary service provided by the dental school. All staff have been so helpful and friendly and I have had full confidence in my dental students at all times. I have no doubt you will ace the rest of your training! Thank you so much, my teeth feel amazing, and I am no longer scared of going to the dentist!

Love my new teeth. Thank you AQ and GB.

I’m coming to the end of my treatment with this set of students, GSG and AW, and wish them all the best in their future careers.

I want to thank AW and all the gang for being so thoughtful throughout the treatment.

JT and her assistant were amazing.

VD has been great.

ND and DN have been amazing.

I feel most appreciative of the opportunity to participate in your training facility and receive treatment, thank you. I had been struggling with a lost crown for 3 years due to a shortage of dentists. A tooth did break due to a high fitting crown, but it has been repaired. Thank you again – I can’t thank you enough – and was happy to support your students in their training. Your facility is immaculate and I am very clean conscious. Keep up the great work.

MM all good.

I just want to say JH is absolutely fantastic in every possible area.

JO was great.

SS was great today again, thank you.

MK and LH are incredible dentists.