PhD Studentships

The Impact of Inter Professional Education in the Dental Curriculum on Student’s Views towards Social Accountability.

This work will look to evaluate the current Inter Professional Engagement (IPE) module undertaken by students, and the impact of this on their views and attitudes towards disadvantaged groups and social accountability as a dental professional. This will help to optimise the impact of IPE to Peninsula and act as a framework to foster positive attitudes.

Oral infection and neurological sequala: Cell mechanisms and potential interventions

Oral infections release inflammatory mediations into circulation. It is known that these can pass the blood brain barrier. Research will be done into the mechanism by which this occurs, resulting in elevated risk of ischemic brain injury. This work will help to inform how this can be addressed through anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory interventions. 

Post Doctoral Training Fellowships

Identifying Factors Influencing Oral Health Habits and Dental care Access among Children and Young people with Autism: Evidence synthesis and qualitative stakeholder research

This research is focused on how dental access can be improved for children and your people with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) by investigating the barriers and enablers to adopting good oral health, and the factors influencing access. This can help to influence pathways and recommendations to healthcare providers, resulting in reduction in disease.

Diagnosis and Prevention of related Odontogenic Tumours and association with Gene Mutations

Bone marrow ageing process may contribute to Ameloblastoma (odontogenic tumour). This study will explore this link and how mutations in bone marrow can result in these types of tumour. This research can help to inform strategies for prevention.

Aerosol control and mitigation for dental clinical aerosol generating procedures (AGPs)

COVID-19 related research, furthering understanding of the implications of aerosol generating procedures and use on open plan clinics and how this can be controlled.