We are extremely proud to launch our new brand and website which we’ve been carefully working on behind the scenes.

The inspiration for the new logo comes from our ability to create successful relationships with five key stakeholders:

Each stakeholder is represented as a smiling face around a circle to show positive outcomes for everyone involved.  Of course, the other clever bit is right in the middle of those smiling faces, you can see a star shape which shows the high standards in healthcare for which we’ve won external praise and the highest standards that we are always striving for.

Whilst we are really pleased with the end result, as a social enterprise, we are delighted with the process behind it which brought together representation from all areas of our organisation.

Our brand agency partner Fuel conducted perception research before bringing together a meeting of our project working group at the University of Plymouth so that everybody could understand where we were and what our ambitions are.  Central to this was the development of our values for which we received expert assistance from Apex HR. Following this, Fuel distilled the findings to create a compelling repositioning around representing the future of dentistry which was wholeheartedly embraced.

Two concepts for our new brand were developed and presented to our project team and received strong feedback.  From there, we went out to the whole organisation to choose what you see here today.

Our new website has been developed seamlessly, again with a real team effort.  We will also be rolling out the new identity across all sites through new signage, uniforms and materials.  However, with our commitment to the planet, we will be doing this in the most environmentally friendly way by reusing materials wherever possible and purchasing greener options.  For example, this new website is hosted on servers which are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Nathan Findlay Chief Operating Officer, Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise, commented: “We have been working on this project in the background over the past couple of years which of course has been very difficult due to the pandemic. That said, it has been enjoyable and has really enabled us to focus on the future – we are delighted with the results.  I’d like to thank everyone at PDSE for their input and the team at Fuel who, with their healthcare knowledge and experience, have been pleasure to work with ”

Ed Watson, Creative Director at Fuel explained: “The process we agreed with PDSE ensured a more meaningful new brand identity rather than a simple cosmetic exercise.  It was great to see so many people involved and we are really pleased with the positive feedback we have received and look forward to rolling out more creative work in the new identity soon.”

Commenting on the project, Professor Rob Witton Chief Executive Officer, Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise said: “The new brand better represents the quality of our team, the forward-looking nature of what we do, and the way we get results through partnerships. It will undoubtedly help us in attracting the next generation of dental professionals and find better outcomes for our patients and the most vulnerable people in society.”