PDSE is excited to announce that three members of staff will be joining colleagues from Re:Cognition Health to take part in an international, multi-centre clinical research trial.

The GAIN Trial is based on the growing body of scientific evidence that the bacteria P. gingivalis, commonly associated with gum disease, may be a factor in the aetiology of Alzheimer’s disease. COR388 is an investigational drug designed to inactivate toxic proteins released by the bacteria and stop or slow further damage to healthy brain cells.

The PDSE team, Marie Shearman, Rebecca Anderson and Ewen McColl will be monitoring dental clinical parameters in conjunction with colleagues at University of California, to further ascertain links between Periodontal health and Alzheimer’s disease, whilst the patients are treated with COR388.

Rob Witton, Chief Executive of PDSE commented:

“I am delighted that PDSE staff are collaborating in this innovative Clinical Research trial. We are excited to be collaborating with our colleagues at Re:Cognition Health as they strive to establish effective treatment modalities for Alzheimer’s Disease.”