We are pleased to share that as part of our efforts to improve our sustainability and champion sustainable dentistry, we took part in Green Impact Dentistry, a programme delivered by SOS-UK and have achieved a 2023 Silver award!

This means that we have completed multiple actions that address sustainability issues around education, engagement and behaviour change, health and wellbeing, biodiversity, water and energy usage, waste and recycling, strategy and policy, amalgam and restorations, travel, charity and citizenship, all contributing meaningfully to ICS Green Plans, Greener NHS Net Zero, and UK Climate Change Act targets!

Sustainability within our dental practice supports the pursuit of healthy lives and well-being for all by promoting healthy diets and lifestyles to enhance oral health, empowering patients with preventative advice, knowledge, and opportunities to be more sustainable, increasing our resilience and therefore quality and ability to care for patient’s oral health now and in the future, reducing our impact on the environment e.g. through reducing our waste, energy usage, improving our green spaces and encouraging biodiversity, reducing our supply chain emissions and more, which directly and indirectly benefits everyone. Take a look at what we have achieved and our upcoming goal here.

Congratulations to the 16 other practices across the country, who have also received an award this year. If you are from a dental practice in the UK, it’s easy to take part and champion sustainability in your own practice too, so why not get involved for free? To find out more about Green Impact and Green Impact Dentistry, visit the website or contact gidentistry@sos-uk.org

Green Impact for Health is run by SOS-UK, a registered charity in the UK (1184011). Participants can donate to help SOS-UK’s charitable mission and keep the Green Impact programme running. You can donate to SOS-UK via the charity PayPal account here selecting ‘Green Impact donation’ from the drop-down list. A suggested donation is £25. It will take you less than a minute to make your donation and ensure the programme can continue!